Dual Occupancy Homes
One Property | Two Incomes

Dual Occupancy or Dual Living Homes are becoming increasingly popular and have many benefits:

Increased income for investors

Reduced holding and purchasing costs

Extra space for a growing family

Accommodate elderly parents or extended family members

Live in one and rent the other

What is a Dual Occupancy Home?

A dual occupancy home consists of two dwellings built on one piece of land. The homes can be attached like a duplex or dual key, or constructed as a completely separate dwelling, such as a granny flat.

Why Choose This Style of Home?

The main aim of this building style is to establish two income-producing properties on one site.

The model also appeals to varying demographics, ranging from students on a budget to the older generation who want the security of having someone close by.

Dual Occupancy Homes provide investors with multiple income streams at significantly lower costs, thus providing a higher return on investment (ROI).

Great Fit For Families

If you are wanting to keep your family close whilst maintaining privacy and space, this style of living can be the ideal option.

Each household has a separate and secure access, allowing space for family or flexibility to be on call as required. Often this is popular for people whose parents want to be near the family.

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