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Perfect for the experienced investor, or those looking to launch their property portfolio, a dual occupancy can be an incredible cash-flow producing asset – generating up to 6.9% rental return per year! To find out more, download our dual occupancy information pack below.

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With rental yield up to 6.9%, Dual Occs can produce great cashflow.

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What Are Dual Occupancy Homes

At Silkwood Homes, because we’re dual occupancy builders, we often get asked about dual occupancy homes. This style of living is becoming increasingly popular today. A leap forward from conventional home designs, they create a unique investment opportunity, enabling homeowners to rent one side of their house while living in the other.

The style consists of two dwellings built on one piece of land by dual occupancy builders. The homes can either be directly attached like a duplex, or constructed as a completely separate dwelling, as you would see in a granny flat.

With the steady rise of these types of homes being developed, dual occ living is also becoming more and more popular. Dual key is another way to achieve the shared design, with occupants having separate and secure access to the home.

Generally, dual key residences consist of a main home, including all the conventional rooms. Within this, there will usually be separated locked access to a smaller home or studio apartment. Typically, these designs share some sort of common space such as an entrance foyer.

The relative flexibility around how dual occupancy builders design and construct your investment home is resulting in more and more people choosing this option over more conventional designs.

Why Choose This Style of Home?

The main aim of this building style is to establish two income-producing properties on one site. The model also appeals to varying demographics, ranging from students on a budget to the older generation who want the security of having someone close by.

The homes are also likely to be cash flow positive and have the increasing potential of providing a higher return on investment (ROI). In short, more and more people are turning to this style of living as a way to build wealth faster, and have multiple income streams at significantly lower costs.

Advantages of Dual Occupancy Living

There are several advantages and benefits that come with dual style living. Aside from it being a good way to get a great return on your investment, you can enjoy:

Great Fit For Families

If you are considering this style of living because you want to keep your family close but still have a bit of space, this style of living can be the ideal option.

Each household has a private entrance and living rooms, yet they are close enough to be on call should they need it. Often this is popular for people whose parents want to be near the family.

Higher Returns

Naturally, most people will be interested in the return on their investment. With these homes, you have complete control over collecting your rent from both dwelling areas. This means that you would potentially almost double your rent by owning this type of space, allowing you to get a higher return on your investment.

More and more people are turning to dual occupancy builders to construct this type of home for them, purely because of the added cash flow it generates to repay any home loans off quicker.

Great Way To Enter The Property Market

Dual occupancy houses are attractive as rental prospects for tenants. This is because there are additional design requirements and finishes that go into this type of home, making them more attractive than the average apartment. For example, noise insulation, extra privacy measures, and added comfort features such as an ensuite, have to go into the building design. The takeaway from this is that it will never be difficult to find rental tenants for this type of home.

The Best Dual Occupancy Builders For Your Home

While dual occupancy is certainly a great investment property, they are not the best lifestyle choice for everyone. That’s why you should contact us at Silkwood Homes to get advice on every aspect of your living or investment requirements.

We have a team of qualified dual occupancy builders, ready to help you bring your vision to life. Together we will discuss what you hope to achieve from building a dual occ home, and then we will design, get approvals, and break ground for you. Overall you can expect a smooth and hassle-free process working with us.

From freestanding homes to flexible duplexes, it is crucial to find the right dual living builder to help you design and build exactly what you are looking for, within your given budget.

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