What Are NDIS Homes?

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As an approved NDIS home builder, we know how to ensure that your home is built to standard. If you require specially modified SDA housing and are completely eligible for it, the NDIS will cover the costs of your housing through SDA payments to a special SDA provider.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme of the Australian government that works to fund certain costs associated with people’s disabilities. The scheme is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a form of housing that has been specially designed around the needs of people that suffer from disabilities. This includes those with ‘an extreme functional impairment’ or ‘very high support needs’.

In layman’s terms, NDIS homes are customised to suit the needs of anyone with serious disabilities. These specialised houses are also funded by a scheme of the Australian government. If you require a place like this, then Silkwood Homes can meet the specific construction requirements laid out.

Why Choose an Approved NDIS Home Builder?

Building a home is no easy job, but building a modified SDA house requires a professional touch. A professional NDIS home builder is required for any kind of project that needs a special fit for purpose construction. Jobs like this will involve using an architect that can specially design homes suited to specific disability needs. This could cover a wide range of design categories and building types.

An NDIS approved builder will need to understand all of the current rules and regulations for disability housing. The space will need to entirely functional, and meet the guidelines required by SDA projects.

On top of this, you will still want the home to be a beautiful place that you can enjoy. Great NDIS builders will be able to balance practicality with design flair to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

Being able to financially qualify to purchase an NDIS home can be difficult, as there are very strict criteria. Applicants may require strong equity in cash or property, alongside a stable income. Private investment is encouraged through the NDIS scheme with a high set table of rental payments, indexed per annum, through the SDA.

If you are interested in undertaking an SDA project, then be sure to get hold of industry professionals that know what they are doing. This is where an approved NDIS home builder will make the job a whole lot easier.

Advantages of Using An NDIS Home Builder

If you live with disabilities, you will require a home that caters to your needs. The NDIS scheme has been put in place to help provide you with correct housing that suits your needs. If you have been approved for an SDA project, then you will need to use the services of an approved company to get the job done properly.

Using the right construction team will make all the difference. You will need to use people that understand the standards and functionality aspects involved in such a project. The home will also still need to be stylish, comfortable, and suitable for any budget restraints.

The finishes required in an SDA home are paramount to supporting your needs. That is why using an approved home builder who knows what these are and can provide you with advice on what to fit can lessen the stress of moving into a new place.

An approved NDIS home builder will make the process smooth and seamless, without any speed bumps along the way. This is essential in any construction experience.

Contact Silkwood Homes To Build Your SDA Home

If you are in need of an SDA home to support your needs, then you will want to go through an NDIS home builder to get the job done. The NDIS scheme is a smart way of helping those that require specialized help with their housing needs. If you are located around Queensland, then be sure to consider our services at Silkwood Homes.

We provide complete help with all NDIS home building. In conjunction with our NDIS partners, we are very involved in the construction of these homes. Get in touch today if you would like to find out more about what we have on offer.

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