What Are NDIS Homes?

Specialist Disability Accommodation is provided through the NDIS to an eligible participant. When a person is deemed to have an extreme functional impairment and/or very high support needs. SDA dwelling enable them to live more independently.

The SDA payment from the NDIS is paid to the provider and the NDIS participant living in the property pays a rental contribution.

The revenue that SDA providers receive is made up of a Reasonable Rent Contribution from the tenant. Capped at 25% of the Disability Support Pension, plus rent assistance or equivalent for a person receiving a different source of income. In addition to the SDA payment from NDIA.

SDA funding under the NDIS will stimulate investment in the development of new high-quality dwellings for use by eligible NDIS participants.

To financially qualify for funding to purchase a NDIS home you will require strong equity in property or cash, alongside with stable income. For further information, please refer to the following NDIS Price Guide.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Price Guide. 

Why Choose an Approved NDIS Home Builder?

SDA dwellings have specialised design requirements to meet the needs of people who have permanent and significant disabilities. Approved SDA participants are eligible for guaranteed government funding as required under their NDIS plan.


SDA dwellings must be constructed to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and SDA requirements.

As an approved NDIS home builder, we will ensure that your home is SDA compliant.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides housing assistance called Specialist Disability Housing (SDA – Specialist Disability Accommodation).


Silkwood Homes have extensive experience in constructing SDA dwellings in all design categories and have a range of “SDA design compliant” plans to suit most blocks.

Advantages of Using an SDA Home Builder

With an experienced land acquisition team, we choose approved blocks to cater to the NDIS requirements. Providing close proximity to amenities and community facilities.

SDA trained inhouse drafting team at Silkwood Homes are also available to create a new plan if required. Our site staff are all trained in the requirements and ensure the dwelling will achieve the “As Built SDA compliance” to ensure there is no delay in enrolling the dwelling with NDIS.

Contact Silkwood Homes To Build Your SDA Home

The NDIA is determined to see this growing market build. It wants investors, developers and existing providers to grow their confidence in SDA. When NDIS is fully rolled out across Australia it is expected around 28,000 people will receive SDA funding in their NDIS plans. It is estimated $700 million per annum will be spent on SDA payments as part of the NDIS.

In conjunction with our NDIS partners, we are involved in the construction process of NDIS home building. To find out more about what we have on offer at Silkwood Homes please book an appointment with our SDA build specialist.

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